Support Your Friends

When most of us start out with anything new we go gung-ho!  It's full speed ahead as we learn and absorb the new environment and culture we've joined.  We all take some time to adjust and implement the things that we've learned.  That enthusiasm can be contagious or overkill.  However, when you buy from your … Continue reading Support Your Friends

Momming Now

Want to hear something funny? When I first became a stay at home mom I was all about being June Cleaver.  I baked regularly, the house was clean, and I cooked dinner almost every night!  And I thought this was not only reasonable to maintain but also reasonable for my spouse to expect of me. … Continue reading Momming Now


Putting yourself out there is hard.  No one is 100% comfortable 100% of the time.  Even celebrities who chose a career out of putting themselves out there want their time away from the spotlight.  My point, is that everyone has a comfort zone and everyone struggles to move beyond it. In planning to write this … Continue reading Push