Scentsy Marketing: Take 1

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Since beginning my new Scentsy Venture I’ve had to think about how to generate clients.  In past sales jobs, clients were already coming to me for something.  I essentially used up-selling and needs assessment after servicing their existing products.  Making product recommendations to enhance what they already had, essentially.  I will be doing some of that here but I’m also going to want to try to bring in new business.

The introvert in me is crying in a corner at the thought of going outside of my comfort zone to talk to not only people in general, but strangers.  Posting on social media asking for help?  Eek, I usually don’t friend people on social media so I don’t seem too needy.

Well, the shy me is going to have to take a hike if I am going to be successful at this.  Or at least a short road trip, I can still be shy sometimes.  So here is the plan I’ve come up with to help create my brand as a Scentsy Consultant:


First I need clients.  To start building a client base I will be reaching out to friends and family.  Bribery is best with family and friends and I’m not afraid to go to that place.  So, I’ll be offering incentives for them to host parties, buy product, or refer friends who host or buy.  Namely free product and baby snuggles with the boys.  This allows me to get people using Scentsy.

Now to keep clients, I will be keeping detailed records of their orders so I know what scents are their favorites.  This allows me to know their trends and what scents appeal to them most.  Then when I have a special going on or their signature scent is getting discontinued I can contact them personally.  Keeping records also allows me to check in with clients when it may be time to order more or to see how they are enjoying their order.  By knowing when the last time I contacted someone I can make sure I’m keeping things friendly and not stalkery.

I am going to put personal touches into my work by compiling a database of client birthdays to reach out on social media or mail to help them celebrate.  Acknowledging milestones can help set me apart from their previous consultant.

When new scents come out I’ll send samples to existing clients and share with them any specials that are going on.  Letting people know there is a sale helps to generate business.  I’ll also be leaving samples every time I go out places.  Like a modern Hansel and Gretel but instead of leading to home, I’ll be leaving a trail to lovely scents!

I’ll be using my various social media platforms to generate interest, keep my product in people’s minds, and reminding them who to contact for their Scentsy needs.  My goal is to post at least once daily for both personal and business.  This provides balance to my friends and followers without becoming overwhelming.  Now I just need to get a more interesting life that allows me to post more often.

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve but I’ll be saving that for future posts 12-babybuddies .


One thought on “Scentsy Marketing: Take 1

  1. Lol nice post ! I like your creative way to run this biz most of the time distributors are boring and to focused on selling, when you run out of people to talk, want to grow your audience, or master the art of selling your products faster and easier using the net shoot me a message, I do have free advice to not everything cost I do give a lot of it on

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