Tiny Humans: Baby Led Weaning

When we had our boys, Mr. Scents and I weren’t really sure on a lot of aspects of parenting.  One of the best things I did was nothing.  I didn’t get bogged down in reading a bunch of books.  I didn’t read tons of studies.  And I didn’t pay attention to mommy forums and blogs.  What this allowed/is allowing me to do is to parent more organically.  I come across and idea that is interesting to me and I look up how to do it.  That is how we came across baby led weaning.

When introducing solids, there are two main schools of thought.  Give them purees to help them learn to swallow.  Or giv     e them whole food to teach them how to chew.  These are very basic reasonings behind the two thought processes.  And knowing only that much, my thought was, “Well, both are important.”  With that in mind we started with purees then moved to BLW.

IMG_1258          IMG_1244         IMG_1232

With BLW you give a child bite-sized pieces of food.  So instead of just applesauce, I give apple slices.  Of course I still give them things like applesauce and yogurt because those things are still healthy and heck, I eat them too.

The boys enjoying some yogurt!


I tend to be a grope around and figure things out for myself kind of person.  It isn’t that I’m adverse asking for help; it is more that I’m pick of who I ask.  And let’s face it, so much out there for moms is critical and judgmental.  So, I tend to stay away from the groups or blogs where you can tell by the style of writing or peoples comments that it’s a holier than thou type of place.

So, my version of BLW may not be the same as the lady down the street.  I didn’t read a book.  I read a few blog posts that gave an idea of what it is and discussed with my pediatrician.  If she’s fine with what I’m doing the momiverse can be too!

IMG_0355           IMG_0357

That being said, with any type of solid feeding program for infants make sure you are always in the room and be aware of how to properly handle infant choking and CPR.  I luck out that Mr. Scents is in law enforcement and is certified in both adult and infant CPR and choking procedures.


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