Fundraising/Relay For Life


One of the reasons I love Scentsy as a company, is that a main tenant of their business is to give more than you take.  I love this concept.  As humans we get consumed with ourselves.  And as our own life gets busier and we stretch ourselves thinner, we forget to help those who need it.  In one of my recent campaigns on social media I had someone want to book a party for Relay for Life.  Naturally I searched through my resources to figure out how best to plan a fundraiser!

For Scentsy, the way a fundraiser works is similar to a regular party except the consultant’s commission is donated to the organization/team/family/etc.  I am an overachiever so I come to the table prepared.  The person who wanted to have this fundraiser wanted it as an online event, so we set up a Facebook party.  But, I didn’t stop there.

For any event to be successful the host needs to be involved.  People don’t buy Scentsy at a party to benefit me.  They buy it either because they need it, they are intrigued and want to try it, or to benefit their friend (the host).  With that said, I have packets for all the parties I throw that help the host.  This was no different.  Having proper host coaching lets them know what is expected of a host and helps them have a successful event.

The fundraising packet is similar to a basket party packet except ,in this case we want everyone involved in the charity, or cause, to be selling; so I put together multiple mini-packets.  Each packet is an envelope with product brochures, samples, order forms, and directions.  I then, worked with the host and we set the goal for each person to sell five orders before the event.

My reasoning for wanting this event to be successful is twofold.  Relay for Life is a very worthy cause and every little bit helps.  I also want to establish myself a fundraising option in my community, both locally and in a broader sense.

With that being said, cancer is a disease that touches almost everyone, in one way or another.  Either you’ve had it or a friend or family member has had it.  It’s touched my family in many ways; as well as my husband’s family.  If you are able to help, in any small way, by making a purchase, please do so!

Support Relay for Life!


4 thoughts on “Fundraising/Relay For Life

  1. Relay for life is awesome! I did it all through college. I’m currently fundraising for the fight against cancer too.. Our local cancer hospital hosts a huge bike ride every year for their primary source of fundraising. I’m riding for the first year and I’ve set a goal to raise $5,000. Lots of luck to you in your fundraising 🙂


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