Scentsy Hack: Carpet Deodorizer

I have children.  Two boys and I know the smells are just going to get worse as they get older.  They will navigate from the gross baby smells to the teen boy BO smells.  On top of that, I have a dog.  She’s a boxer which means they drool and pant a lot.

My point in saying all this is that it can be real easy for my house to smell bad.  I was going to say not so well but I’ll be honest.  That is part of why I use Scentsy so religiously.  Having warmers on helps keep my home smelling fresh and clean; even when I’ve waited too long to take out the garbage or change the diaper pail liner or even when the dog is well past her expiration date and in need of a bath.  I’m putting this out there because, contrary to all the people who claim it’s gross to let these things lapse and would never let them happen, I’m not full of crap.  Just my house is.

I know I keep a pretty clean house considering I watch three infants during the week, people have commented.  But life catches up to everyone so, having tricks to making your house smell clean and thereby help it “be” cleaner is always welcome.  Again, since I have a dog, vacuuming is an almost daily ritual.  To help with the smell factor I use carpet deodorizers weekly.

Before joining Scentsy I spent the money on the name brand deodorizers and eventually just switched to using baking soda.  Baking soda, a mommy’s best friend, can be used in so many natural cleaning concoctions.  I, too, have jumped on the bandwagon of using more natural cleaners.  It safer while having little ones around and many of them work just as well as commercial products but don’t need has-mat suits to use.

One day, shortly after becoming a consultant, I was sprinkling the baking soda on the carpet and I wondered if I could use something Scentsy to make help the carpet.  I tried a few things and settled on one.

A friend suggested using Wash Whiffs and putting them into the chamber on my bagless vacuum.  That made the house smell great but it was just putting the scent in the air.   This is a great option if there is no carpet funk you are trying to rid yourself of!  So, a great option for people with no pets or young kids.

What I ended up doing was taking baking soda and measuring how much I used on my living area carpet.  For me it is about 2 cups.  To this I added 2-3 cubes of my favorite Scentsy bar, right now I’ve been using Bonfire Beach!  I let this sit overnight to get maximum benefit.

Then you just sprinkle on your carpet and vacuum!  I let the baking soda sit for about 5 minutes before vacuuming, but this is a personal preference.  Comment with what scents you like!


31 thoughts on “Scentsy Hack: Carpet Deodorizer

    1. I love having things be dual purpose as much as possible. So, being able to create a functional work around out of my favorite wax scents certainly helped me save money and better utilize my homes signature scent!


    1. It’s great and non-toxic. That’s another thing I love about it. Have kids who spend their day playing on my carpets having a way to freshen up safely was important to me. And Scentsy uses all non-toxic ingredients. Right now I’m also doing a Relay for Life fundraiser so when you purchase from this link the proceeds get donated to them:


    1. I use it for cleaning too! A mixture of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide makes a paste that really helps get grime out of the oven and off baking sheets!


    1. For dog pee spots try using vinegar and let it sit first then put some baking soda on it and let it sit until it dries and vacuum. The vinegar helps neutralize the ammonia better than baking soda alone.


    1. For sure! I love using Scentsy to help get rid of those kid odors. I use the travel tins in my garbage cans and the twins’ diaper pail.


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