Summer Spirit and Raising Money for Relay for Life


In a previous post I talked about how I learned about running a fundraiser with my new Scentsy business.  I wrote about how for fundraisers I put together packets to make selling easy for the organizations members.  Well, this is kind of a follow up to that post.

As I said previously, I am doing a fundraiser for Relay for Life.  My entire commission from sales in their fundraiser goes to them.  I say this to highlight that there is no monetary gain for me.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to do well.  I would love to donate my entire month’s commission to them because they were that successful.  To do that though, people need to buy.  Specifically from this link:

To help incentivize this for my entire customer base and even smaller follower base on various social media I’m doing a challenge.  (BTW I don’t say this to sound sad, I’m just new here and have no friends yet lol) This challenge is:


I’m personalizing it further.  When locals buy from this fundraiser they get the chance to be one of the evil doers that eggs, pies, or ice buckets me!

Relay for Life is an organization that is there for many people and their families at their hour of need.  Relay events bring together people with a common, and often visceral, experience.  They work together to create an event that celebrates victories, ongoing battles, and losses to cancer.  The money we raise will be going toward the continued fight against a disease that impacts millions.

The great thing about this fundraiser is, I’m not asking you to just give money.  You get something from this.  You get Scentsy merchandise of your choice.  Let me find you your homes signature scent today and together we can do some good!


19 thoughts on “Summer Spirit and Raising Money for Relay for Life

    1. To me it’s worth it to give back. While the money is nice, as a consultant, I feel that since we don’t count on this as income being able to give back is nice since it isn’t something we counted on being able to do ever!


    1. They have a variety of products. I’m sure you’ve seen the warmers and wax that Walmart sells? Scentsy started that and their warmers are lifetime guaranteed and their waxes smell better, have a larger scent throw (how big an area they can scent) and last longer than other brands waxes. They also have a laundry line and personal grooming line. For someone new to Scentsy the scent sampler package is a great way to try things out for a reasonable price ($20). Let me know if you would like to try it, everything is 10% off in Auust.


    1. Are you interested in Scentsy as a company or our fundraising options? Either way feel free to email me any questions you have on being a consultant, our product, or doing fundraiser. I’d love to help you out!


  1. What a very fun, nice way to support something great. Hope you get all THREE. I mean, I hope you can hit the highest sale 🙂


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