Scentsy Lady: Samples

Now that I’m a few weeks into this Scentsy gig I realize the importance of getting my name out there.  To do that I give out, send out, and leave samples of scents.  I am kind of like the Easter Bunny, but instead of leaving eggs I leave little samples for people.

Where ever I go I try to break out of my shell and give out free samples.  When I’m feeling shy I will also take the cowards way out and leave them places, like in the grocery bags for the next person who bags their groceries.  Or even in 12 packs of soda or beer.  Not my proudest moment but honesty is the best policy.  Monthly, another consultant and I have set the goal to go places, like the mall or other big shopping areas, to hand out samples.


I make samples a little differently.  Of course, any time you give out samples in a business you want to balance the cost with the amount of business you bring in.  Ideally, you want to be bringing in enough business to cover the cost of using product as a sample.  With Scentsy, there are a few sample templates I can follow; felt samples and molded samples being the most popular.

The sample style I use currently is felt dipped samples.  These are relatively cheap, as felt is an inexpensive fabric, it is also cost effective for your business.  I average between 100-130 samples per Scentsy bar with these.  The wide variance is due to how large I cut the felt strips.  Now that I’ve been making samples for about a month I try to keep them about 1cmx1inch.

Uniformity will help with looking professional and helps you estimate costs more effectively.  I have found that the felt samples get me the most bang for my buck.  However, I am just starting out.  Once I have an established client base and know what my customers expect and require of me, I may change to  molded wax samples just for the cute factor.


After my samples are dry, I put the in small zip-lock bags and put my label on it.  While samples are technically an extra, I think of them as my business card.  This is what I had to people I meet and talk Scentsy with as well as what I give my customers to make sure they have my contact information on them.

I then package the samples with a product sheet (basically a one page catalog), fliers for any personal specials or coupons I have going on, information about my referral program, and a raffle slip.  The packaging is a cellophane favor bag.  I put these favors in with every order as well.


Branding yourself can be hard work but with customer service, a little goes a really long way.  I could go on but that is a topic for another day!  If you are Scentsy Curious or would just like a free sample fill out my raffle form here!


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