Scentsy Lady: Sample Club

Samples are an important part of many businesses.  With Scentsy it is a great way to get your name out there.  I use my every day samples more as a business card.  But, they can also be away to engage and retain customers.  I recently learned about sample clubs and I’m going to try it.

Here is how I will be setting up my Sample Club:

  • Create Sample Packs-
    • Larger felt sample (I will be using my star stamp for these), they are about 1 inch squared.
    • Referral program information
    • Sample Club information card
  • Send Sample Packs to all current customers
  • Send out a Call to Action on all social media to get non-customer interest

I’ve decided to include all my current customers because they already use Scentsy so keeping their business is a goal.  Often in direct sales customers buy from whats in front of them vs. being loyal to a specific consultant.  The exception to this is if you have a close friend or family member as your consultant.  But for those customers that I’ve met through social media, my goal is to retain them and earn their loyalty.  The Sample Club is going to like a reward for their continued business.

Once someone is in the club they need to purchase from me within 6 months then at least every 6 months after that to stay enrolled.  Even if they buy one of the cheapest item ($3) every 6 months that makes up for the cost of sending them their sample monthly.

I will admit that I was afraid that this would detour people from wanting to be a part of it but I have had positive responses so far.  I will be starting with doing samples of the current Scent of the Month.  This month, September, it is Coconut Pumpkin Pie.  A perfect blend of the fall scent of pumpkin spice and the summer smell of coconuts.  In the future I will add samples of other products into the mix as well, like washer whiffs, lotions, etc.

If you like free samples and already love Scentsy, make me your consultant and join my Sample Club.  Being rewarded just for buying products you already love is the way to go!  Fill out this form here or email at for more information!


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