Surviving, Year One With Twins

Sometimes, I’m not sure how I got through this last year. It’s been a whirlwind, that’s for sure. A lot of bloggers talk about making sure you use the resources you have at your disposal and not being afraid to ask for help. However, for me the biggest thing that helped me through this year was maintaining my sense of humor.

When you’re functioning off 2 hours of sleep and your child is crying for who know what reason, laughter can be the best medicine, for you both. 

Little Thing 2 had gas issues and sometimes we had to bicycle his little legs for a while before you’d feel the little pitter patter you were waiting for. In the meantime he would be screaming his head off and clawing at his face with both hands. He was so dramatic. And sometimes, I laughed. I laughed at me helping someone to pass gas, I laughed as his faces because they were so earnest, and I laughed because if I didn’t I would cry. 

Don’t ever lose the lighter side of life by focusing so intently on the hard stuff. Being able to laugh is a great coping mechanism and can help you through. 

How can you not at least smile at these faces:

thing1  thing2 


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