To-Do Listilicious

I’ve said before how I am a list person.  It is literally the only way i can remember some things and keep myself on track.  The week before last I was preparing for my parents visit and now this week I’m preparing for my in law’s visit.  Needless to say, I have lists up the wazoo.

However, you can plan your life minute by minute but unless your plan is realistic and easy to follow it won’t happen.  With this is mind, I try to not just make a list of what needs to get done but I try to break down the tasks into its aggregate parts to make it simpler.

While doing this may seem redundant because you should know that say, doing the dishes is part of cleaning the kitchen but for me it makes the larger task more manageable.  I can do the dishes while the boys eat lunch but I can’t clean the entire kitchen in that time.  Breaking up big things makes it easier for me to stay motivated.  With twins, our house can get pretty cluttered if I don’t keep up on putting things away and picking up after the boys.  This happen, frequently.  To get back on track with the house I make a list.


It also helps to have cute places to write your list on.  Even with all the technology in my house I prefer hand written.  It commits it to memory and getting the note pad itself is like a reward to me.  How do you keep on track with your to-do list?


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