One of the biggest things that moms struggle with is finding a way to take care of themselves while devoting all their time to taking of their family. 

Part of the reason this struggle exists is the change in culture of how we raise kids. It was likely a lot easier to go about your day when the parenting style was to teach kids to be seen and not heard. Another part of it is that many moms work, whether inside or out of the home it is still time taken out of your day.

It’s startling because overall fathers are more involved in child rearing that ever in history. Yet, moms everywhere lament that they are lucky to use the restroom alone, let alone get out for more than errands. Why is that?

My belief is the that women are often the thorns in their own sides. Raise your hand if recently, while scanning your (insert social media of choice) you saw a meme or rant from someone about how children are a blessing and that as mothers we should feel privileged to give up everything for them! 

This belief, that as a mother we must give up all thought of ourselves is not only unrealistic but unhealthy!  But if you are hiring a babysitter so you can get your nails done too often you friends begin to talk.  It’s ridiculous. 

It is not selfish to go out with your significant other. It is not wrong to get away with the girls. It is not bad to be alone and let someone else watch the kids. These acts help keep you sane. They refill your bucket. And as we all know, if your bucket is running on empty you can’t effectively take care of children. 

Those are the times where we throw fits to rival our two year old. Or when we snap at our child for the smallest of infractions. Children don’t deserve that kind of parenting.  So, do yourself, and them, a favor and find a hobby that refills your bucket. 


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