Getting Started: Starting a Scentsy Business

Maybe you were bored, maybe you need money, or maybe you just love the product and want to stop benefiting a stranger.  Whatever the reason, you have now taken the leap to starting your own business.  There are many home businesses out there but by far the most popular are direct sales and party plan businesses.  So, you are not alone.  There have been many to come before and many more to come after you.

That means that you have a wealth of knowledge and strategy available to you, online and through your upline!  For the newest of newbies your upline are the person who recruited you and the person who recruited them and so on.  Most companies organize their consultants into teams.  For example my sponsor (the one who recruited me) has her team that I am on, then I also belong to the bigger team of her sponsor.  If the company is worth belonging to these people will be invested in your success and therefore be valuable resources.

Here are a few first steps:

  1. On your workstation (each company should have a website where you enter orders) explore what resources are available.  I will dedicate an entire post to orders and exploring the workstation more in depth but take time now to look over each of the tabs.  One tab in particular is the home tab. There is a section that displays my (or your sponsors) contact information, and our directors contact information.  These are your first resources should you have questions as you go through your first few days!
  2. Ask your sponsor to add you to any relevant groups on social media.  Many companies have consultant only groups that give you access to flyers, compliance information, party information, and can connect you with thousands of consultants.  Networking with other consultants of your company can help you and give you different perspectives of how they run their businesses which can help you find your style.
  3. Check out YouTube.  If your company isn’t brand new, and Scentsy sure isn’t, there will be other consultants who have posted training videos.  Use these.  Don’t be afraid to check out other companies to see how they do things too.  For instance, I like watching Mary Kay training videos.

Use these things to acquaint yourself with an overview of how to run your business.  This also gives you a good look at successful consultants, which is very motivating.  If they can do it, so can you!  That’s the great thing about these businesses, it is all about you and what you want and are willing to do to get what you want.

As my team grows I want to provide them with resources that explain structure and strategy.  That is where this series comes in.  I will be writing posts that explain the basics of starting and growing your home business.  Many of these skills are transferable to other companies but as I go I will be using language specific to Scentsy.


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