The Toy Subscription

Subscription services are becoming the new thing.  Whether it is a making subscription that sends you samples of the hottest new beauty products or a movie service like Netflix.  They are convenient and allow us to experience new things in a way that makes it seem economical.  I’ll be honest, many of my favorite make up products I discovered through  So, when I was contacted by to try out their service I was stoked.

First off, it was the first time a company contacted me about their product/service to share on social media and in my blog.  Second, with twins it can get pricey fast when toys are concerned.  And third, the business model plays into my ideals of keeping things simple and not having excesses. is a subscription toy service that allows you rent toys and return them.  They sanitize each toy as they are returned to make the ready for the next child.  There are hundreds of toys to choose from and they even have them categorized to make it easier to find the types of toys your child will enjoy.  pley

Since my boys aren’t event two yet I stuck with the toddler toys.  I also wanted to ensure I got something that wouldn’t be easily breakable.  We settled on a developmental toy that will help with fine motor skills and shape recognition.   I am now counting down the days until it arrives in the mail.  Once we receive the toy the boys play with it then we send it back via the shipping method they provide.

Keep an eye own for the follow-up post about this service once we receive the toy and then send it back.

Can’t wait and want to try it yourself?  Use this link here!


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