Now that we’ve gotten our first toy and are about to return it I wanted to update you on how it went.

How it works: is a subscription toy service that can help you save money while also helping declutter your home.  If you have kids you know that they tend to go in cycles of playing with things.  They play with their blocks until they hate them then move on to their trucks until they hate them and so on.  Pley helps you eliminate the need to manage your child’s toys while also preventing you from needing to get new toys all the time.  Just build your list of toys and they send them to you as you return each one.  So, like Netflix but for kids toys.

Pros: 1. I loved how much variety they had.  There are toys for all different age groups, developmentally friendly toys, electronic toys, gendered toys, and gender neutral toys. 2. I signed up for the service, selected the toy I wanted, and received it in the mail about a week later.  As a far as subscription services and delivery go this is a plus.  I didn’t have time to wonder where it was before it showed up on my doorstep.  3. The site is super easy to use.  A mom on the go doesn’t want to take time to get onto a computer to figure out a website.  So, mobile friendly and easy to use is important!  And lastly 4. My kids LOVED the toy.  We picked a shape workbench.  At 2 my boys are starting to learn shapes and colors and this helped with both.

Cons: 1. As it is a subscription service you do have to remember that it is going to charge you monthly unless you cancel.  I personally like the option to just get things one at a time instead of being forced into the subscription.  Maybe that comes from know that many companies make a lot of money from people who forget about their subscriptions but are still being charged for them.  However, this is no fault of and just my own personal quirk.  I will also say that to cancel your subscription it is really simple, no hoops to jump through. 2.  I had major anxiety the entire time because my kids lose parts all the time I didn’t want to pay the $25 to keep the toy, especially considering that I can get something similar on Amazon for way cheaper.

Wrap up: Overall I would say that the pros outweigh the cons.  They can’t help that I’m basically a neurotic misanthrope.  I will be keeping my subscription for a bit to try out new toys but I am being very careful to not get things that seem breakable or lose-able.

If you want to try yourself just check out the link below!


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