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Some backstory:  The epitome of success to me was being able to stay home with my babies.  And here I was, able to stay home with my kids, my dog, and for all intents and purposes get all the things I thought I wanted.  Getting all you want isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  First off the whole assumption that “all you want” is a fixed concept is kind of ridiculous.  But  it also limits you to the present.  Gives you nothing to work for.  Nothing to dream about.

I have always considered myself an introvert.  I get anxiety over meeting and being around people.  I need time at the end of the night to decompress by myself.  If I don’t get that time alone, after a while I’m kind of unbearable to be around.  So, it really surprised me when I began feeling lonely.

For me, I just felt a profound sense of anger and loneliness that I’d never felt before.  I’ve always been self-sufficient and able to make my way in this world.  But all of a sudden  I was stuck at home with three babies and had no one to talk to most of the time.  I never realized that this was the hard part of being a stay at home parent.  I knew I’d miss work, the act of doing something productive.  I didn’t know I’d miss people.

To top it off, I have a spouse who works shift work.  For the last year, it seems, he has been on nights and work so much overtime he gets 1 day off a week.  That translates into me seeing him approximately 10 hours a week when we are both awake.  Maybe 5 of those hours are  kid free.

Flash Forward: I wouldn’t be me, though, if I didn’t also find things to do to help keep me happy.  To fill that void.  For me it was Scentsy.  Scentsy offered me a hobby, goals and challenges to meet, and a way to meet people.

Since Stephanie started selling Scentsy I was using it more and more in my daily life.  I have a warmer for every room in my house.  Let me tell you, midnight feeds aren’t as bad when you don’t have to turn a single light on because your way is lit with the sweet smell of Scentsy.  Plus, those many many months after having a child where having a shower wasn’t a regular part of your routine, good smelling lotions and clothes made me still feel human.

I’ve always been an achiever and in need of things to keep me busy.  While raising twins does keep me busy I needed something that challenged me.  Something I could plan and execute and only depended on my own will or perseverance to succeed. Scentsy gives me that. I get to use the things I learned from  other jobs and put them into practice. I have something to look forward to at nap time or after bedtime.  Plus I get to help others be successful too.

Because of my work ethic and self motivation I’ve always ended up being a leader at jobs I’ve held. I was president of my college “sorority” because of it too.  But I’ve always hated trying to get adults to do their job.  It’s hard for me to understand why someone can just do their job. With Scentsy  I get to help others achieve without the accountability. I’m not an answering force to my team. I’m just a support system. If they want to succeed it is ultimately up to them.

I think these things all combine drew me to Scentsy.  It is a product I use and truly love.  I use it in my life daily.  From laundry to dishes to bath time and just scenting my home.  It gave me something to do that wasn’t just losing myself to my kids.  Regardless of what many believe it is not healthy to make your kids your entire universe.  And it allowed me to the type of leader I wanted to be and not just an authority to answer to.  Plus it gave me a way to get out of my comfort zone and meet people.

Understanding what Scentsy gives me and why I do it helps keep me motivated.  Because, when it comes down to it motivation has to come from myself.  It doesn’t matter what incentives can be offered if I can’t do it for me, it isn’t gonna happen.


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