So, it’s kind of late in the game but I’m doing it now.  Here is my introduction.

My name is Lindsay White.  I’m a thirty-something mother to twin boys, wife to a police dispatcher, S/WAHM who is just trying to figure out her shit before it all hits the fan.  Because, let’s face it, that’s when it get’s messy.  I know, I have twins remember.

I started this blog as a way for me to expand my business but clearly that hasn’t been a consistent venture for me.  After the year I’ve had I realized I need an outlet.  Something, well somewhere for me to be me without any more repercussions than nasty internet comments that I laugh at anyway.  I’m a little lost not devoid of self esteem.

So, to start here are 20 facts about me:

  1.  I am a musician.  I started on trumpet at 10 and moved to bassoon in high school.  I even majored in music.  I’m a Nerd with capital N.
  2. Pizza is life.  I worked at pizza places in college and after; despite the amount of pizza exposure I’ve had I still love it.  Like, it’s causing marital problems, just kidding.
  3. I have an inappropriate sense of humor.  I’m a weird mix of dorky and sarcastic.  One minute I’m charmingly funny the next I’m hitting you with cutting wit and dry commentary.
  4. I’m an INFJ.  And while I don’t take stock in most personality tests this one fits me pretty much to a T.
  5. I’m empathetic to the point of madness.  Like, reading the Hunger Games made me feel so guilty because I put myself in Katniss’ shoes and her treatment of Peeta was terrible.  She is not a heroine to emulate.
  6. I love learning.  Not just new things but about myself and growing as a person.  I think this quality is largely lost in our society since people see being wrong or making mistakes as negative qualities.  I look at those things as learning experiences.  Own it, you’ll be a better person.
  7. I’m fairly straight forward.  While I won’t be needlessly mean I won’t lie to you about big things.  Sometimes, it isn’t productive to let you know that yes your butt looks big in those pants so I’m not going to be hurtful for the sake of honesty.  I will however point out when I think you’re making a mistake.
  8. Harry Potter, LOTR, The Chronicles of Narnia.  Need I say more?  Well I’m not just a fantasy nerd I also love me some 19th century Brit-Lit.  Oh yeah!!
  9. I am intuitive.  Shocking since I’m INFJ but I trust my gut.  It usually is right about people.  I’ve had a few times where it’s been misled but most often if I trust my gut I’m right.
  10. I’m a millennial.  AND I’m proud of it.  Say we’re lazy all you want but while I may have been living at home until I was 25 I was working full time while doing it and lived at home because even me and husband (then boyfriend) couldn’t afford to move out together with our barely over minimum wage pay.  But yeah, we’re lazy.
  11. I tend to be very all or nothing.  I have a terrible time pacing myself.  I will either paint the whole house today or it will never get done.  More realistically it is that I take on too much, reach burnout, and have to introvert for a while to be functional again.
  12. I’m a mama’s girl.  Even at 32 I need my mommy.  She’s been my constant bff since middle school when she helped me get through bullying.  We’ve had our ups and downs but she’s there for me and I’m there for her.
  13. I like to play devil’s advocate.  I think people need to think more critically.  We tend to hear an idea we like and we stop researching.  That is terribly shortsighted and as a society it’s divided us up into warring political ideologies.  It’s sad.
  14. I overthink everything.  That coupled with the empathy can be exhausting.  I’m always afraid I hurt someone’s feelings or they’re mad at me for xyz reason because they made a face or their voice tone wasn’t chipper.  I wouldn’t change it though because my capacity to care about others is a positive in my book.
  15. I miss working.  I always thought I’d love being a SAHM.  It was my dream, and one that wasn’t even possible until we moved to another state.  But it is isolating, devaluing, and just downright exhausting.
  16. I’m an introvert so I need alone time, ideally at both the end of and beginning of my day. It’s the time where I get to plan things out, decompress, and absorb myself into my interests. This apparently makes me an introvert because if I don’t get this time, I usually get crabby.
  17. I can also be a social chameleon.  Depending on my mood and the social circumstances I can fill the needed role in social situations.  In school depending on the class I was the studious one, the class clown, a leader, or the shy one.
  18. Green is my favorite color but I wear a lot of purple because it makes my eyes look green instead of grey or blue.
  19. I run a successful at home direct sales business.  I never thought that that is what I’d do as a SAHM but it’s fun and fulfilling and just mine.
  20. I’m lost.  Somewhere in the mire that is my life I lost myself.  I got so busy trying to be a good mom and wife that I lost Lindsay.  So, this is hopefully going to help me find me again.

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