When you’re preparing to join a direct sales company you have to pick someone to sign up under.  Who you pick can have a lot of influence on how well you do initially.  Ultimately, your success is on your own shoulders but giving yourself the best chances by picking a sponsor who helps you is very beneficial to learning the ins and outs of the direct sales game.

Trouble can began when there is a falling out.  If a relationship becomes toxic and untenable you can be stuck. Many companies don’t allow you to change sponsors so, consultants who don’t have a support system outside of their sponsor, have failed because of this very situation.  So, here’s a list of things to consider when choosing a sponsor straight from my experience to help you choose better!

Leadership Potential

When looking at a sponsor you want to consider their potential to lead.  Being at the top of the business model does not equate to good leadership unfortunately.  Look at things like how they work their business, how they help their downline, how they work with their upline.  These things can give you an indication to how they’ll lead you.  Are you able to observe the team dynamic?  For example, do they have a team group on social media that you can go and look through?  Can you talk to others on their downline to ask about the support they received?  Taking the time to look at the leadership potential of your potential sponsor can be a lifesaver!


Are they a positive connection to have?  Can they connect you to others who would be positive to you?  A good sponsor isn’t necessarily someone who is the top of the company but someone who has skills you want to learn and can connect you with people who have the skills you want to learn.  So, check out their friends and upline to see if you’ll have the support you’re looking for and need.

Personal Relationship

While I wouldn’t discount someone solely for being your friend it is fair to ask yourself how strong your relationship is.  You definitely want to find someone you get along with but the sponsor-downline relationship can get complicated and if you have a falling out with your sponsor are you still going to want to go to them for support.  In my experience, the answer was no, however, one of my downline is a good friend since high school and I’m not worried there because if we survived college I’m sure we’ll survive a Scentsy fight!  Understanding that when mixing business and personal things can get rough with the wrong personality dynamics.  Be sure you both are the type who can admit their own faults and work toward compromise.  So, a healthy dose of self reflection and understanding can be of service here.

I will caveat though, that if you are joining a company more to support your own love of the product and not looking to have a business this may be less of an issue.

Understanding if a sponsor is an empowering leader, has the connections you need for success, is someone you get along with, and the relationship can withstand a healthy dose of business can help prepare you to start your Direct Sales journey off on the right foot.  The biggest advice I could give is to ensure that you are doing what YOU need.  Knowing yourself well enough to set yourself up for success is key.

Feel free to comment any other things you think are important when looking for a sponsor or your comments on my take of things.



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