Now What?

Let us assume you just signed up and are now wondering how to proceed.  In previous posts I’ve talked a lot about preparation and making a plan for everything from choosing your company and sponsor to getting started.  However, not everyone is a planner and that is OK.  But now that you have signed up, if you want to be successful it will take some thought.

Most of the need for pre-planning  comes from a want to hit those early milestones that many companies offer.  You can still do that without having a detailed plan in place beforehand but you need to be prepared to speed up your timeline.  I’m going to use the Scentsy early milestone of Shooting Star as my measure of how quickly you need to achieve these activities since it’s the earliest I’ve found at 15 days.  So, without further ado here is a simple timeline of events that you can use to hit your early milestones once you’ve already signed up.

Ground Zero: Sign up

Day 1: Set Launch Party Dates for Days 10 and 11, Create Guest List, Explore Workstation

Most early Milestones center around early sales and/or recruits so hosting your              launch party early will help get you in front of people and selling ASAP.  Your guest            list should include anyone you would feel comfortable telling you joined your                      company.  Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Children’s friends parents and                          Teachers, and Coworkers.  Also take time to learn your workstation.  Many are                    very user friendly and just take a few minutes of watching a tutorial or exploring               to understand.

Day 2: Invites and Events

You will be planning two launch parties; one at home and one online.  This hits all              your contacts locally and otherwise.  Today, set up events for both; separate events            on Facebook but one party link, if applicable, on your workstation.  With Scentsy                we set up parties that each have their own link but some companies let you do all              that manually. Once you’ve set up the events take the time to contact each person               personally from your list and let them know that 1. you joined your company and               2.  you’re having a launch party and would love them to come.  Before you invite                 everyone update the description of the events in Facebook to include why you                     joined and a little blurb about your company.  Then Make a post introducing                       yourself and letting them know what you’re hoping to get from joining (staying                   home with kids, a hobby, etc.) and how they can help you (buy, host, join, refer, and           share), include a personal picture of you.  If you feel comfortable go live and share             this once you have some people RSVP’d.

Day 3: PrePosts and Samples

Plan out one post per day until your parties.  Use this time to share information                  about  the company.  Introduce a product line a day type of thing.  This way the                  party can be about sharing the product vs explaining what it is.  Also, learn how to            make or where to get samples, you will want them for your home party and if you              can send some to your guests for the online party that is always helpful.

Day 5: Labels and Home Parties

With Scentsy, I label all the product that comes through my hands.  If this is                          necessary, learn to make labels today and look up ideas of how to run your home                party.  Games, what to say, overall structure.  You should have a spiel that you                      share  why you joined, what your goals are, and how they can help.  This gives a                  clear “call to action” for people act on.

Day 6: Check Ins and Facebook Parties

Everyone should have received any invites you sent out, if applicable, so take the                time to check in with everyone who hasn’t yet RSVP’d and see what they are                        planning.  These personal touches let people know they’re important to you and                  can help increase attendance.  Also, check out Facebook parties and how you want            that to go.  I use the Tag Team model, worth looking up, but there are TONS of                      options that you’ll find something that is simple for you to put together and fits                    your personality.

Day 8: Basket Parties and Reminder Messages

Learn how about basket parties and if it’s applicable to your business set one up                 to bring to your/your spouses work or even a friend.  Send out reminder texts to                 everyone RSVP’d for your home party. If you are doing a giveaway give them a                     teaser on how they can earn extra entries into the giveaway, like bringing a friend.

Day 9: Last Minute Prep and Reminder Messages

Get your home prepared for your party.  I have kids so I try to get all the cleaning               done the day before then I set up the morning of.  What refreshments will you                     serve.  Appetizers and drinks are fine.  Do something light or themed.  I had a fall               drink inspired open house just recently where I only served cider and cocoa.                       Then send out those personal texts to those RSVP’d to your Facebook party.  If                       you’re doing a giveaway do the same here.  Doing a giveaway and encouraging                   people to bring a friend a simple way to try to boost attendance.  Just make sure                 the product cost is worth it.

Day 10: Launch Party, Home

Relax, enjoy, and do not forget to actually ask people or order!  Also, remember                  your prepost in the facebook party too.

Day 11: Launch Party Online and Follow Up

Same as the day before.  Relax and enjoy your party.  If you set up a basket party t              today is a good day to follow up.  Let people know the last day to order and set                    personal check in’s with people if applicable.  If someone is running this for you                  let them know to remind people.

Day 13: Follow Up

Send out reminders to everyone who hasn’t yet ordered from either your home                   or Facebook parties.  Just a simple message of, “Hey my launch party is closing                     soon I was checking back to see if you needed any help or suggestions?”  Asking a               question asks for a response and gets to the point without being super pushy.

Day 15: Submit order

Finish collecting orders early in the day and spend the afternoon/evening                             submitting the order!  And Voila you are, hopefully an early start milestone                         achiever.

If your timeline is longer or shorter adjust and double up on activities.  But this general timeline helps get you started on the right track for most businesses.  Waiting to have your launch party and to get your name out there does not do you any favors.  So, go out there and kick some butt!


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