Don’t be THAT person

I am sure you either think you are super clever and tenacious or you were told this is the best way to do business but it isn’t.  There is a lot of personalization and figuring things out that comes with being a business owner but there are some things that are just wrong and these are the 5 most used strategies that are hurting relationships and business!

If you do use any of the following bad business practices I would recommend learning how to better approach potential customers.

  1. Marketing Messages: We have all had those random friend request or participated in the “Do you need [fill in the blank] friends” posts in your groups.  Connecting with and sending friend requests to strangers on the internet is not a bad thing.  However, if your only intention is for them to be a potential customer then you attempts at reaching out will like be repugnant to your mark.  Sending an immediate message asking someone to buy or try your product after they accept your friend request is rude.  Overwhelmingly, people agree that it results in blocking or at the least unfriending.  Instead connect with the person on a real level.  Get to know them and if in the course of a conversation your business comes up maybe then talk about it.
  2. Adding People to Groups: Just don’t.  I think I’m in like 500 groups right now, likely only a slight exaggerations, and I’ve only intentionally joined about half.  No one likes being dropped into a group they didn’t want to join.  It’s the equivalent of forcing someone to go to a party.  Rarely is it fun or enjoyable.  And you should want people who WANT to be in your group.  Instead ask them if they’d like to join your group and send them the link to join for themselves.
  3. Don’t Add people to Groups:  I know this is the same as the last but how many of us have been RE-ADDED to a group we just left?  I know I have.  And it almost always causes me to into a rage blind that scares my children.  Don’t be that causes moms to scare their children because you’re inconsiderate.  Just don’t!
  4. Relating all your posts to your business:  I get it, you’re grateful you found xyz company and it impacts every single facet of your life now.  I was the same way with Scentsy when I joined.  I would post a pic of me folding laundry and talk about how nice it smelled.  Well, let me tell you, it lost me friends and followers because people don’t care and it’s a little weird when your entire life revolves around one thing.  This is especially rude when you have a business page you could, and should, be posting on AND a group that people are in for your business.  People want to scroll Facebook, Twitter, IG and learn about their friends day or watch funny videos.  Less it more here.
  5. Inviting me to 1000 events: I’m glad your business is doing so well that you have 1000 events going on but I can’t possibly go to all of them or buy from all of them so please stop inviting me to all of them.  While you may be thinking that this is your way of including people when you have an awesome special or something fun going on but if it is more than once a month it is too often.  And I would even argue that once a month is too often.  Well, you can have the events more often, what is too often is inviting the same people to each and every one of those events.  What it feels like to your customer is pressure.  Pressure to buy.  Instead have your warm contacts on a rotation where you only invite any given person to an event once every few months.  They’ll thank you and you’ll likely see more repeat customers when you’re not pressuring them to buy multiple times a month from all your fun events.

Here is the thing, we’ve all done some or all of these things when we first start out.  Unlike other lines of occupation we go into this cold, with little to no training and depending on who you joined under you may not have any guidance going forward either.  This is where I can come in.  Check through my posts to learn about everything from picking the right company/product for you, choosing a sponsor, and getting started and building your business.  Coming soon will be strategies to help you combat these urges and build a marketing strategy that isn’t just polite but will help you earn success!

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