The Grocery Cart Incident

Being a mom of twins can be a lot of fun, most of the time.  Sometimes though it can be a right pain the ass.  There are no quick trips to the grocery store, for instance.  And definitely no running out to the gas station.

I have to plan out every trip around whether or not I have help or not.  If I have someone with me then the possibilities open up because I’m not limited to places that have carts that accommodate two kids.  If I have someone else I can run into a gas station real quick while they stay in the car with the boys.  With someone else a trip to the grocery store isn’t a juggling act of epic proportions.

You may be asking why I don’t let my kids walk?  They’re 3 now so surly I don’t need to have them confined to a stroller or cart for every trip.  Here is why; with one child you can let them walk, hold their hand or not and probably feel confident that you can herd them in the direction you need or catch them quickly if they run off.  With two, one who has a propensity for running off already, those options aren’t there.  I can let one walk while the other cries, let both walk and hold their hands and no shopping can happen, hope they don’t run off and end up going in two different directions, or grab the one that didn’t run and go after the one that did.  Or I can put them both in a cart.

So, this particular incident happened a few months ago but I honestly was too ashamed to share it because moms are some of the most judgmental people. You’d think they were all God on judgement day the way they act like they are the savior of everyone else.  Well, what happened was this: I needed to run into the store really quick to grab some diapers.  I didn’t have my Buggy Bench with me, which is a lifesaver by adding an extra seat to carts that only accommodate one.  So, my options were go anyway or use a shirt or something for the boys because we were out.

My solution was to throw them both in the basket because, ya know they’re three and I was going to be in there literally for 10 minutes or less.  We get through the store alright and get in line to pay.  By the registers is when my boys get grabby because they design registers that way.  To have all this shit nobody wants or needs within striking distance for tiny hands who just want to be holding something.  After fending off their infinite arms I push the card through to pay.  I always push the cart out far enough that Logan, my octopus, can’t keep grabbing things like the bags or the comment cards.

Well, I must have not pushed him out far enough and he was able to grab onto the side of the checkstand.  I had literally turned for less than 5 seconds to put my card in the machine and the cart tips over and the boys spill onto the floor.  Ethan was giggling thinking it was the best ride ever; while Logan was crying.  I rush over to right the cart and make sure he’s OK, he was, and one of the cashiers walking by was like, “This is why we don’t want you to put them in the cart like that.”

My bitch flag flew high that day because I immediately responded with, “Well, if you had carts that accommodated more than one child I wouldn’t be forced to do it.”  To which she said I should have used the cart that had the handicap seat.  I just rolled my eyes at her because I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain how having twins isn’t a handicap AND more important it is WRONG for me to use that cart when there are people out there who will legitimately need it.  I decided to let it go, pay, and get out of there.  I was already super embarrassed and angry for judgy ladies.  I

Here the moral of the story:  don’t judge moms.  Seriously, unless they are beating or belittling their kids just don’t do it.  We all do the best we can with what we have and if you can’t understand that people do things different with different circumstances then you probably suck anyway.

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