“On Wednesdays we wear pink!” – Mean Girls

Kind of like in Mean Girls where they had different rules for each day of the week, I have a similar system for my business.  This can be Scalable, meaning you can make it as big or small of a system as you want and need.  The gist of it though is that each task has a specific time where it is done, helping keep you organized and to ensure that you get all the things you need to get done, done.

In business, being organized is key to success.  As a small business owner it is important to me that I make doing that as easy as possible.  So, I create a system.

I would define a systems as a structure of tasks that help you stay organized in order to complete the things needed to have continued or improved success.  So, regardless of your goals with you business having systems in place is helpful.  Plus, they are scalable to your goals. Depending on your goals you can assign tasks to specific months, weeks, or days of the week.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you are wanting to get into more consistent Social Media posting to expand your reach.  What are some things you need to consider when making a social media plan?  Planning your posts, categorizing your posts (this can make it easier by having themed days or weeks), creating your posts, and scheduling your posts.  For a more comprehensive look on planning a social media strategy stay tuned for upcoming posts on that.

Each of those things is important.  Planning and categorizing help keep you organized and that structure can help you stay consistent which is one of the biggest things that will indicate if you achieve your goals.  It helps take the pressure off.  Creating your own posts ensures originality making it less likely that you’ll be reported for spam and it’ll show your customer base you’re serious about your business.  Then scheduling just makes it all so much easier.

Now that you know the things you need to do you need to decide how you’ll go about how often you’ll be doing them.  I have a specific Social Media day.  In fact I’m writing this post on my social day.  During that day each week I plan, create, and schedule my social media posts, blog posts, and YouTube Videos.  However, just starting out you can take one day to create your categories of posts, this is a one time activity; the next day you can plan out what you want to post for a week or even just a few days, then the next day creat the posts, and the following day schedule them.  I would recommend creating enough content to get you through to the next time you plan, create, and schedule your posts to ensure that you aren’t having to do those tasks on a daily basis.

Those are the basics for creating a system for a specific purpose.  Share with me some of the systems you’ve created for your life!  Next time I’ll be talking about my specific system of organization and a week in the life of my business!

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