Support Your Friends

When most of us start out with anything new we go gung-ho!  It’s full speed ahead as we learn and absorb the new environment and culture we’ve joined.  We all take some time to adjust and implement the things that we’ve learned.  That enthusiasm can be contagious or overkill.  However, when you buy from your friend you support her in a real way.  More so than shopping at Target helps a Target employee.

I get it.  Stay at home moms and corporate ladies with a side gig are all blowing up your Facebook and Instagram feeds with spammy posts and borderline predatory marketing practices.  It’s frustrating, annoying, and makes social media a lot less fun.  But, you should buy from them anyway.  Just maybe also send them here to learn some etiquette.

So here are two reasons why supporting your Direct Sales friends is a good idea.


While it may seem impolite to talk money, the truth of the matter is when you purchase from your friend you are putting real money into her pocket.  This could be Christmas Money, fun money, or the electricity bill.  Isn’t it nice to know that your actually helping someone when you use your money to support their business?  Economically speaking this helps stimulate economic growth and builds for a more stable financial future.


Many of us joined our direct sales businesses because of a need for something that wasn’t getting fulfilled in our lives.  Rarely is anyone working hard at learning, growing, and building their business just to make some extra money.  We are also getting many personal benefits.  I don’t know about you but I never realized how terrible it can be being a stay at home parent.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being here for my kids but it can feel thankless and isolating.  For me Scentsy offers me something that is just for me.  I’m who decides everything with my business.  It’s a creative outlet, a personal accomplishment, and a push to be social.  For working direct sellers it often adds those same benefits.  So, supporting our businesses help contribute to that sense of accomplishment and well being as well as help us financially.

With all that said, do a girl a solid and when you go to buy a product that she may sell, go to her instead of the big box store.  You often get a better quality product, making it worth the cost, plus you’ve done a good deed.

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